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Do I need SSL On My Website?

Above all else, your audience needs to feel safe entering their payment information or any other sensitive data into your website. SSL certificates become a visual symbol for that safety. While the technology itself gets quite complex, the purpose is simple: to protect the end user and their personal data.

SSL stands for secure sockets layer, and is the technology used online to keep internet connections secure, and safeguard the data being sent between two systems. In this day and age when cyber security and protecting user data is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the short answer to the question “Do I need SSL on my website?” is yes. The longer explanation is available below.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates provide data encryption, which makes it impossible for criminals or people with ill intent to read or modify your messages. Sensitive data such as payroll information, payment information, or names and addresses is all more secure under this system. SSL is sometimes referred to interchangeably with transport layer security (TLS) which is just an updated version of SSL.

Internet users can tell when a website is using an SSL certificate through the HTTPS in the address and the paddle lock icon in the left hand corner of the bar. Users can also access the details of the certificate through clicking on the paddle lock.

Why Do Businesses Need an SSL Certificate?

Customers need to feel comfortable in order to do business with you online. SSL certificates foster an element of trust and improve customer confidence by showing proof of a secure connection.

SSL certificates are an online symbol for website security. They:

  • Keep data secure
  • Verify ownership of the website
  • Prevent attackers from creating fake versions of your site
  • Help establish user trust.

Encryption through a public-private key allows for the secure passage of data. They authenticate that a client is talking to the right server in order to prevent domain spoofing or similar attacks. They enable the use of HTTPS, a quick indicator of added security.

An Online Security Solution Growing in Popularity

SSL certifications protect the data of millions, as it moves around the internet through the added security measures above. It’s a way to foster trust in your business and make your customers more comfortable. VisionFriendly.com developers can walk you through the process of managing your SSL certificate. Check out our SSL management services and contact us today!

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