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Everything You Need to Know About AI-Generated Content

More AI writing tools are on the market every day, and they are producing increasingly readable content. This new wave of content platforms began with the recent release of ChatGPT by Open AI. While AI-generated content is becoming more powerful, it is not meant to be the final publishable draft.

Some of the most recent free content-generating AIs include:

How AI-Generated Content Works

These platforms include a text window where the user can enter general prompts. They can enter the type of content needed, a topic, and relevant keywords. They can also enter directions regarding the voice or tone of the writing. The tools listed above are free, but there are also paid content-producing platforms that give you more flexibility and options for additional input.

Some of these include:

AI-generated content can offer efficiency and scalability, producing articles that are hundreds of words long in seconds. It's easy to see how efficient it can be when you think about the quick turnaround and the number of articles or content that allows for. However, there are still some significant drawbacks to AI content.

The Disadvantages of Using AI-Based Content

Marketing content is still best written by a human content writer. They’ll understand when the best times are to use AI as a tool, and when not to. AI-generated content still has flaws that keep it from being a good option for use in its final form.

Plagiarism and Quality

AI-generated content compiles information from a variety of sources across the web. Search engines penalize this content when it appears too similar to the sources it pulled from. The content isn’t always as rewritten as it should be to avoid plagiarism.

Content published on the web needs to be authoritative and informative, and without human review, there is no guarantee it will end up that way. It may be regurgitated content that doesn’t offer the reader any value.

Devalued by the Search Engines

In August of 2022, Google released the helpful content update for its search engine algorithm and prioritized “helpful content written by people for people.” The purpose of the update is to prioritize the content that provides value to the reader while punishing the content that is strictly trying to rank in the search engines.

This matters with AI because these tools evaluate SEO results without a proper understanding of the text. This shifts the focus to using the keywords, and not being informative. Plus, it violates the “by people” aspect of the update.

AI Writing Will Come Across Flat

AI content doesn’t have the creative flair of a human writer. Instead, it reads like regurgitated facts. This can feel stilted in the context of a web page or blog. There’s no personality and no differentiation.

Think about it this way. Your audience is likely shopping within your industry. The more personable the content and unique it is to your business, the more valuable it will be to your customers. If it reads like every other piece of content from every other business, the chances of web visitors choosing you decrease drastically.

AI Content Still Requires Human Editing

AI tools pull content from sources across the web. So it’s unsurprising that the writing can be unpredictable or sometimes inaccurate. Transitions can also be a weak point, which makes sense in this context. Humans need to review any AI-generated content because it may need changes.

Where AI-Generated Content is Most Helpful

While content generated from AI may not be ready to be published under the context of your brand, it’s still a beneficial tool. These platforms can be used like writing assistants. Here are some ways this form of content can still be extremely helpful.

  • Generate New Ideas - AI platforms can generate ideas for emails or blogs. They can be used to help you plan your publication schedule.
  • Overcome Writer’s Block – AI-generated content can provide a starting point for what you’re looking to write. It can be used to figure out what headlines should be used within a web page, email, or blog article. The information it spits out can be used as loose inspiration to start your writing.
  • Research Tool - AI-generated content can give you ideas on structuring your content and what to include. It can give you another source to reference, but you’ll benefit from rewriting it and adding some personalization to your writing. You’ll also want to confirm any facts that may emerge in the copy.

The Bottom Line

The AI tools currently available can make us better, more efficient writers. They can help us improve the quality of our messaging and get more customers. But just like the mechanic at the auto shop or the golfer on a 500-foot par 5, it’s all in how you use the tool you’ve selected. Over-reliance on AI-generated content can be a mistake, but so can completely ignoring its existence.

To get optimal results, you can hire a digital marketing agency that understands how to apply these tools and still provide you with high-quality content that will differentiate your business from the competition. This content was written by Matt Brennan, a human for other humans. 

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