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Retargeting Advertising Offers Businesses a Second Chance

What Is Retargeting Advertising and How Does It Work?

Retargeting advertising allows you to stay top of mind with customers in ways relevant to how they’ve interacted with your business in the past, by showing them paid ads. It’s an unobtrusive way to provide potential customers with relevant and useful content they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

The reality is that some people may require more of a nudge than others before they complete the customer journey. So if potential customers are creeping on your website but not converting, retargeting ads can provide a useful nudge.

Returning customers are twice as likely as new shoppers to place an item in their online cart, according to this study. Retargeting offers a way to attract more of those returning customers back to your website, making it an excellent long-term strategy for established businesses with a following. 

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Types of Retargeting Advertising:

Pixel-Based Retargeting

Under normal circumstances, when someone leaves your website they are gone - a lost cause. With pixel-based retargeting, a small piece of JavaScript referred to as a pixel or cookie is placed on the user’s browser, notifying platforms to serve ads based on the pages of your website that they visited. 

Contextual Retargeting

This is similar to pixel-based retargeting, but instead, you’re exchanging pixels with other relevant websites and pursuing each others’ visitors. Think airlines and hotels, realtors and mortgage brokers, or Sonny and Cher. We’re kidding on the last one of course, but the point is that any two products or services used in tandem with each other could also be marketed together.

List-Based Retargeting

You can display retargeted advertising to anyone on existing email or contact lists. This allows you to more easily base advertising on human behavior and past interactions, which can provide more relevance. 

Search Retargeting

With search retargeting, you’re serving ads through a cookie system to people who’ve used keywords related to your industry or business in the past. This can happen within 1-2 days after the person performed the search.

Email Retargeting

Email retargeting allows you to design relevant email campaigns based on recent customer behavior. If a returning customer or email contact visited but didn’t convert, you could send a highly targeted email campaign. This can be accomplished through pixel technology or operating off your email list.

The Benefits of Retargeting:

Running various types of retargeting campaigns can offer tremendous advantage to your business by helping you maximize the value of current or existing customers. Below is a little more on how retargeting can help your business. 

Increase Awareness

Retargeting campaigns boost awareness amongst people who’ve actively demonstrated some level of interest in your business or industry. 

More Conversions

Retargeting ads can redirect customers back to your website and generate more leads, sales, downloads, or shares. 

Expedite the Buyer’s Journey

Retargeting ads can help nudge people along through the buying cycle if they appear stuck at a specific stage. Maybe someone that downloaded a lead magnet is ready to try your product. 

Enhance the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Retargeting can help put your business back on the radar of someone that hasn’t interacted with or purchased from you in a long time. 

Reduce Cart Abandonment 

The internet can be a distracting place and someone that abandons an online shopping cart may have genuinely forgotten about it before moving on to the next thing. Retargeting ads can provide a reminder to purchase the item they initially set out to obtain. 

New Product or Service Launches

Retargeting ads can bring back the people who have interacted with your business for new product or service launches. It’s a quick way to bring someone back into the buyer’s journey. 

Let Us Help You With Your Retargeting Efforts

VisionFriendly.com has the digital marketing expertise to help you execute a retargeting campaign for your business. Our team of experts can help you maximize each customer or website visitor interaction. If you would like to better explore these options for your business, call 630-553-0000 or email [email protected].

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