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The website design department at VisionFriendly.com is split into two departments, the custom website design department and the template website design department. While we specialize in the creative and the unique, we offer template based website design to offset some costs but still include enhancements to make your site stand out. We want every customer to have the opportunity for a great website built by professionals. Every custom website design from VisionFriendly.com is built from scratch based on extensive interviews and design notes to get the absolute best website design possible.

For more information on starting a custom website design for your Chicago company, call us today at 630.553.0000 or let us call you by filling out the simple form below.

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VisionFriendly.com offers more than just custom website designs, we offer internet marketing solutions. You can get a static, custom website design with all the information your customers may need available in beautiful and creative ways. You can also add as much functionality to your custom website design based on the platform you choose. We commonly recommend custom WordPress website designs since WordPress is so incredibly versatile and can be updated easily. For instance, if you wanted to have ecommerce shopping on your website, with a checkout or a client order admin, we can add that easily to a WordPress website design.

One of the most popular features on a custom WordPress website design is the content management system (CMS). In a CMS, you can edit the content yourself as the business owner or assign a staff member to maintain it or add to it. One area for growth that a CMS website design is crucial is ecommerce. Adding products has never been easier.

Along with adding products, with a CMS website design, you can add fully functional pages to your site to add as much information as your customers need to find you and engage with your products or service offerings.


Custom website designs can feature any aspect of your business at any point with all the control in your hands. After you’ve spoken to your website designer, they can make a layout that is entirely your preference or we can make recommendations for what works best based on our experience. The options are truly endless when you go with a custom website design.

We can customize:

  • 100% Unique Homepage Layout Design
  • Advanced User Interface Design
  • Advanced Interior Page Layout Design
  • Hand Curated Typography (Font Families)
  • Advanced Graphics and Imagery Installation
  • Headline Engagement Optimization
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Extra Calls-To-Action
  • Additional / Extra Conversion Tactics
  • High Level Branding Integration
  • Advanced Multimedia & Video Integration
  • Enhanced User Experience Elements (Visual Effects / Parallax Effects)

“Having a custom website design has really enabled us to show our customers who we really are.”

– Latha, Customer Since 2012


When you engage in a custom website design versus a template, a designer needs to spend more time with you and there will be more back-and-forth to really conceptualize your vision and your designers intent into a cohesive design. A custom website design with VisionFriendly.com affords more creative user experience items that your visitors will love. The chance to make your website unforgettable is every business owner’s dream. The first impression is the most important so make the absolute best-possible first impression with a custom website design from VisionFriendly.com.

The more time you spend with your website designer, the more they will be able to communicate your vision onto the page. We work with you on custom website designs and only have the power to influence your direction. We want you to enjoy the design just as much as your visitors will. We have found that business owners that are prouder of their websites are more likely to convert customers when they come from a lead from the website. You already have the attention of the potential customer or client, otherwise they would not have filled out the form or called. That is why a custom website design makes sales conversion improve because the sales staff is confident that the customer is already impressed.


Success Button imageFor more information on a custom website design for your Chicago company, call VisionFriendly.com now at 630.553.0000, don’t wait, call today. The value you can potentially gain from a custom website design is a justifiable overhead that everyone can agree is worth it’s weight in gold. We value our customers just like you value yours, let us show you how a real custom website design can perform for you.

You can also reach VisionFriendly.com by filling out the short form along the right column and feel free to include as much detail as possible so we can collect the information you’d like and follow up with you at a time that’s good for you.

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