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Social Media Marketing Planning

General Approaches

Gary May

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Create conversations, share unique and exclusive information, point to great videos, old commercials, one-of-a-kind events, validate both satisfied and unsatisfied customers, promote events that you donate or are somehow involved with and THEN take time to put up a special (and make it really special).

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Establishing a following based on past and future customers and offer incentives to be a part of this social network.

Example: Hosting an event or an open house is a great way to meet new clients and touch base with old ones.

Using Facebook’s Events feature can notify, invite and receive RSVPs to an event and keep people informed about the company’s plans and goals as well. One great thing about Facebook is the multimedia platform, you can post images, movies, sound files, and links all right on your page to display to your clients and fans to enjoy.

A short 140 character burst update for companies to let followers know what is going on instantly. Like on news channels, the scrolling marquee in the stock market, or a score board. Tweets can be updated at any time and there is no limit to how many you can do in a day.

Example: Not every tweet has to be about your company, it can be a general tweet about your field or industry, new technology, new features, inside tips, and anything that followers would find helpful and interesting.

Gaining connections through professional associations will build leads and relationships between sales, service departments, and potential customers.

Example: Linked In is a business oriented social network for companies to communicate in related fields and build relationships and partnerships on a particular project or a regular basis. Employers review personal profiles to see what other people say about the person and what job experience they may have.

Completely video, however, the rankings and search results on Google will boom from having videos on YouTube. Google sees videos before it sees blogs, articles and in some cases, websites.

Example: One video shoot, chronicling 5 to 10 podcasts, and setting a schedule of releases can increase your visibility on the internet 1000% in less than one week.

The goal being one video to be released every weekday. Videos are the most attractive to customers because they can see who they will be dealing with and feel comfortable with your company before they ever step foot in your business. Demonstrate products or have a highlight reel of your most impressive projects and share your work with the world.

For most industries and fields, there is a specific social network dedicated to that niche market or service. VisionFriendly.com will seek out that specific social network for you and get your company involved in said network to get you the online exposure you need in order to grow and expand your Social Media Marketing Campaign. As well as improve your visibility on search engines with yet another place on the internet where people can find your company’s website.

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