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SMM Update Schedule

New Video / Products – Anytime you release a new video / product – post it! Post it often during the week prior and the week after, including links to review and to the actual product page.

Random Thoughts – Don’t go crazy. But random thoughts can keep people’s attention. Does not always have to be about your business. Over doing this can drive people away.

The idea is to keep your image and name in front of the readers. Don’t follow too many people. Start out with 6 to 10 people to follow. When new people follow you let others know about them, “thanks for the follow @new-user”. You dont have to follow someone just because they are following you.

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Most Effective Update Schedule

  • AM Post – 10 minutes in the morning. Post about morning activity, breaking news, or new developments in the company.
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Mid Day Post –10 Minutes for any updates – News article, milestone, important date in history.
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Late Afternoon Post – 10 Minutes
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
  • Evening Post – 5 Minutes
    • Twitter

In at least one of these daily posts include a link to your site. Mix it up, use tiny URLs and direct link to your site. Example: Tiny URL -> http://fhrgtt.hrr – Created by www.shorturl.com. Direct Link -> www.YOUR_COMPANY.com. If you are referring to another site, include the URL via tiny.url.

Communication with Twitter Users

  • Direct messages – A direct message to one person. Others cannot see this post and you can only send a direct message to someone that is following you.
  • Reply message – Reply to message, only followers can see this message. This is a reply to someone else’s message.
  • Mentions – You can mention someone by their Twitter name and they will see this message.
  • Tweet – Your message in 140 characters or less.

Software for Twitter and Facebook You can also use your browser and just go to their sites and update from there.

There are many different vendors that have released products for updating your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

TweetDeck – tweetdeck.com – Apple (Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch), Windows, Linux. You can update Twitter, Facebook and MySpace from TweetDeck.

Other software available

If you do not have a Smart Phone, you can always post to Twitter via text. You can also get text alerts for close followers (set-up is in twitter). Facebook also has text updates for your mobile phone. Get notifications via text to your mobile phone. You can receive notifications for friend request, messages, wall posts, and status updates from your friends.

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