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Website Optimization

How it can boost your search engine results

All of the major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask build their index of sites using spiders to crawl the web, finding new and changed content. This content is then processed by the search engines using complex algorithms to determine which sites are most relevant to the search terms entered.

A search engine optimization envelopes all the search engine’s criteria for better ranking and applies them to your site so everything about your website will be visible and useful to you on search engines.

To get your site a top organic search result for any given keyword there are several factors to address in search engine optimization: on site search engine optimization, content changes, and off-site link building for site popularity and rankings.

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Three main 'on site' SEO Aspects

  1. An important thing for search engine optimization is the Meta Tag called ‘Page Title Tag’.

    In your browser, look at the top of the window or at the tabs and you will see the page title tag. Go to Google and make a search for any particular key word. If you look at the top ten entries in that search you will see that all of them have this key word in the page title tag, sometimes more than once. So when writing your page title tag, it is helpful to have your best keywords included in the page title tag, and not only in the page title tag, but nearest to the beginning of the page title tag as possible.

  2. The next meta tag that helps with search engine optimization is the Description Tag.

    Many search engines use the description tag as a way to tell the searchers what the page is about. This description tag should be well written to entice visitors to click onto your site, but the description tag also must contain the important keywords that you wish to highlight. Go to Google and make a search for any particular keyword and you will see the description tag below the link for every listed result.

  3. The final piece of on site search engine optimization is generating keyword rich content for your website.

    If your company is in a competitive market, you have to talk about your products knowledgeably as well as thoroughly. Using the nouns for your products, not referring to ‘our services’ or ‘our products’ but using the actual names, increases the keyword density for you website’s pages and improves your rankings. Search engines will match the keywords on your site and list you higher in the ranking simply by having the content. Which means that we will need to analyze your pages and find the most appropriate keywords to focus on and elaborate more on those particular keyword phrases throughout that page. The easiest formula to improve keyword density on a page for improved search engine optimization is for every 100 words on a page, one should be the keyword phrase. Giving that website page a 10% keyword density which is perfect on a search engine.

Meta Tags and Page Content

The three sections of on-site search engine optimization improvements listed above are known as Meta Tags and page content. Meta Tags are hidden code placed in the top section of your HTML page to help your search engine optimization.  It is very important to write an effective Meta Description Tag and Page Title Tag if you expect to be found on most search engines. Note that Meta Tags are not the only thing search engines will look at when ranking your sites – some search engines will ignore META Tags completely, some search engines only look at content, but they are still the most important aspect of any internet marketing campaign.

New content may have to be written to help your search engine optimization but most cases have us revising the existing content to reflect the desired keyword phrase focus better. We may want to add content to your pages that references the keyword phrases you select if they do not already appear throughout your text.  And adding new pages can make your site more relevant to the search engines as well.

VisionFriendly.com will create a customized Optimization plan to help you address all of the other factors involved as we work to get you the best Search Engine Optimization possible.

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