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website redesign

we fix websites

No matter if your site was originally created by the team of website designers at VisionFriendly.com, we are happy to step in and get your web presence upgraded to the cutting edge with a website redesign. We focus on fixing not only code errors, but also work to upgrade your marketing message and conversion tactics at the same time.

The power of the internet is how quickly it can change. Everything is evolving into new and more effective ways to get your message service or product out to the masses. Along with this evolution comes new design trends, new tools to help you manage your web traffic, and even new programming languages that your business can take advantage of with a website redesign.

We make the Upgrade exciting and fun

The hardest part of building a new website is creating the text content, which for a redesign is usually mostly done, so redesigning your site should be much less time intensive and much more fun to do. You’ll want to start by sitting down with one of our Marketing and/or Analytics specialists to discuss ways to improve the calls-to-action and capture points of your website. They will walk you through helpful recommendations and options that you may not have had when the site was created, like mobile responsive website design. They can also explain the current behavior patterns on your website’s traffic to help you better understand what your audience is looking for.

Content management that is truly easy

Many of our clients want to take more of an active role in modifying the content of their sites, so we often work to migrate over to Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, or Drupal. This upgrade can allow for new functionality to be more easily added to the site and helps to reduce ongoing costs and make your website expandable for future enhancements. This is because once your content is ported over to a CMS you can then update the CMS/plugins to keep on top of security updates, but also redesigning websites inside WordPress is much quicker than going from static pages into a CMS.
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Polish your Branding at the same time

The website redesign process includes getting the latest industry best practices in place to make your site stand out from the competition and entice your visitors better than ever before. We might suggest that you bring in a new polished version of your logo, or incorporate new parallax design methods to give the site subtle animations and scroll based interactivity.

Search Engine Friendly Redesign

We also highly recommend upgrading the Search Engine Optimization of any site that is undergoing a website redesign. The rules of the Search Engine Rankings game are also constantly changing, so it is always in your best interest to have the details of your on-site SEO reassessed every year at the very least. To make sure that any current search engine placement is maintained during a website redesign, we utilize a process of informing Google of the new page locations through a 301 redirect. This way even if all the pages of your site have new URLs, the SEO value is maintained during the website redesign process.

So whether you are looking for new functionality to make edits to your site, want to move to a more intuitive platform, want to incorporate modern techniques and animations, -or you just need a fresh coat of paint on your brand, we have a great process to make sure that you get the most out of the update. Call us today to start your website redesign! 630-553-0000.

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