Website Design for 2021

Website Design for 2021


After the global pandemic of 2020, the world has changed to an online community for nearly every service, product, store, and organization. The idea of “no contact” to prevent transmission has changed the way we function on a daily basis and as businesses. Your website design should have evolved as well to accommodate more information for your users and clearly present your preventative measures to protect your staff and patrons from COVID. Websites in 2021 and beyond are also the first generation to feel the effects of Google’s largest ever algorithm update known as the User Experience Update.

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User Experience Update

The user experience update is a set of standards implemented by Google called Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals can detect how well your website is received, engaged with, and how much it converts from a search engine result to a final interaction such as a sale or filling out a form. Your website design controls how are user experiences your website With imagery, interactive elements like videos or soundbites, and the amount of text content a user has to read.

ADA Compliant Website Design

The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that businesses must provide equal access and customer service to users and visitors both physically and virtually. There are website design standards for the sight impaired that could work with screen readers or allow the changing of font sizes to be easier to read. All ADA compliant website designs need to be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust with content.

Mobile Website Designs for 2021

Google has gone mobile first meaning they critique and rank your website based on the mobile version instead of the desktop version. So how your website performs on a phone or tablet in any orientation is the way you are ranked on Google search results. Having a mobile website design that is responsive to any device or platform is paramount in 2021. 

Content Management Systems

Having a web design firm update your website is still available but the ability to update it yourself is what makes modern websites so amazing. With an updated website design from 2021 you can update content, photos, upload videos, and even create new pages or blog posts from your phone as well as on a laptop or desktop computer. Content management systems are a standard for every website we create for our customers on the platform regarded as the best in the world, WordPress.

Interconnectivity on Social Media

Just having a website design doesn’t seem to be enough anymore and more companies in the last two years since the pandemic have joined social media as a primary connection point. More people are on social media in 2021 than they have ever been in all of history. Businesses are relying on popular social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to connect with their customers regularly.

With a large social media following you could reach more people with a single post then you could in months of marketing otherwise. One share from the right person and you could reach all over the world. Having a website design that integrates social media and your content is an easy way to keep your audience connected.

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