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COVID-19 Bridge Building Program

Introducing the VisionFriendly.com COVID-19 Bridge Building Program… our way to help businesses bridge the gap between our nation’s COVID-19 shelter-in-place order

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Effective Websites Built on Effective Communication

When most business owners go to write the content for their website or blog, or social media channels, they tend to put on the sales hat and start pontificating on the new widget or special feature rather than discussing what each user that visits their page is really looking to find out.

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Valuable and Interactive Web Design Trends

We have recently updated our portfolio with our latest websites that have gone live. Our newest designs and site build-outs have been more complex, challenging and incorporate the latest technology

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Re-Post: Understanding & Using Color in Branding

The Role of Color in Web Design
Not surprisingly, the psychological effects of color play a big role in web design, and the color scheme you choose can also have an effect on the hosting plan you choose. After all, a user’s first impression of a website is almost always a visual one. And, whether fair or not, a user will often judge a site not by the content of its characters but by the colors of its screens. Therefore, with a gazillion and one other websites that a visitor could be viewing instead, getting the color scheme right – and keeping that viewer’s interest – is crucial.

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