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Holiday Marketing Checklist (COVID Edition)

Get ready to drive better results this Holiday season!

This Holiday Season is likely to be much different than years past.  Online activity has grown even more popular since the COVID-19 pandemic, and people are buying more and more products online.

That can be really good news, if you are prepared to capture that opportunity. 

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3 Signs That Say You Have Outgrown Your Website Design

We all know that every business should have a website… because we all know that when consumers have an interest in a specific product or service, they’ll most likely jump over to the good ole’ “Interwebs” to search for it… right? So, businesses need to be ready to give those consumers (those potential customers) what they’re searching for on their websites, right? I mean, at least enough info that tells them they’re on the right path to getting what they’re searching for… right?

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Are you ready for Google’s next algorithm update in 2021?

In May of 2020, Google announced their biggest change in algorithms ever. While Google has never announced an update with this much lead time, it causes us to believe this update is going to be a crucial one. The algorithm update, called Google Page Experience, is scheduled for early 2021.

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The Top 5 Reasons Clients Buy

Good messaging is increasingly important for small businesses to stand out and to get conversions for their website / business, but do you know what the key factors are to actually change your audience’s mind?

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SSL Certificates

With all of the website hacking and stealing of people’s personal information, website security is an absolute must, and Google along with other popular browsers agree. This is why as

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Ecommerce Pre-Holiday Checklist

Your Ecommerce Pre-Holiday Checklist The best gift is the one that keeps giving: Like this helpful marketing plan to give you The Best Holiday Season EVER! Your marketing partners at

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What is Your Website Worth?

Business owners are often asked “what a customer is worth”, but rarely do they truly measure what their website or other marketing methods are worth.   This is an extremely

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Effective Websites Built on Effective Communication

When most business owners go to write the content for their website or blog, or social media channels, they tend to put on the sales hat and start pontificating on the new widget or special feature rather than discussing what each user that visits their page is really looking to find out.

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